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Jun 25 2020

#Top ten cheapest car insurance Top ten cheapest car insurance

Top ten cheapest car insurance


Top Ten Best Insurance Companies In Australia

The Top Ten

Just because their rates are low, does not mean it is great! READ your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)! 😉

Been with GIO for a while with very comprehensive cover, I thought. Went to claim on a lost top of the range MacBook Air (MBA) and was told the like for like PDS does not cover the replacement of a high end product as the newer basic entry level is just as fast as my older MBA.

My $2,400 MBA was replaced with a $1,300 MBA, even though we insured it as a custom made product and for $2,400. Further, we were also paying the appropriate premium for this cover and was told we could nt be refunded either as it is my responsibility to check PDS and ensure I am insuring correctly!

I am searching for an insurance Co which replaces a quality item with a quality item.

As a side note, during our discussions, claims officer stated our $2,000 Panasonic Viera can be replaced with a $800 Panasonic Viera if it meets the “like for like” elements.

After many years with GIO a minor claim was declined over their narrow definition of a word, which they know I won’t contest due to us mortals not having the time or the money.

I have been with GIO for years now, they always deliver excellence when it comes to car/home and contents cover for our family. Had an at fault claim a few years back and the service that was given was fantastic. Easy to deal with, friendly customer support and claims are no hassle what so ever

Now this is a very popular company and it does have great rates so it makes the top ten list – mattro

Hard work, not worth it.

Look I know it’s not that popular but it has some great rates and offers –

Worse place ever. Heard they’re having rolling cuts and as a customer you can feel it. They used to be top, sadly no longer.

Have been reading this amazing comments people have about CGU and I feel wowed. Given my insurance background in my undergraduate studies I really wish to be part of there work team. Someone help me please.

Truckers Insurance HQ is a leading general insurance broker agency in Australia & expert in Insurance to the Transport Industry. They provide you risk effective and cost effective insurance service, according your needs.

I had a good experience with Truckers Insurance HQ. Went with Truckers Insurance HQ because it was the cheapest but best. Request a free quote.

We offer the lowest rates with the best insurance plans.

Your Truckers Insurance Specialist.

I really enjoyed the excellent service provided by Allianz. They exceeded my expectation when I applied for my car insurance. Their care for the customer, easy getting the transaction done and their price made me change from GIO. I don’t really agree with the author, whose house was robbed and he mentioned he was asked to FIX “fix” the house himself and then he went to GIO – doesn’t make sense. I really spend some times making a decisions I encourage you do so.

Well these guys are fair on price and fantastic on service, staff members are trained really well and have the best claims department in the insurance industry. No wonder they have been voted best general insurer in Australia 3 TIMES! Including 2011! Remember its not all about premium price when it comes to insurance!

The house was robbed, contacted allianz they said they would send out claim forms, after 2 weeks I rang back, sorry about the delay will send the forms out right now, 2 weeks later no forms, I ring back and I am told to fix it myself and send out the bill, so I did, I fix it myself and then I fix allianz and went to gio and have been there ever since

Great company excellent customer service easy car rental following an accident and car fixed promptly with no hassles. They pride themselves and stand behind their cover and so they should have been with other cheap repairers mentioned and it was no where near as efficient as this service nor was it as pleasant to speak to someone there. Wouldn’t change! Worth every cent.

Insurance premiums are always competitive and I’ve never had any issues with claims.

Shocking customer service. VERY long story short, after someone drove into the drivers door of my car at an intersection AAMI sent the car off to their repairer who had the amazing idea to remove the compliance labels from the drivers door sill to conduct repairs. when they gave the car back the handed me the compliance labels on a sheet of A4 paper and told me to keep them in the glove box! I took the car to be valued with the compliance labels removed and it was worth $10,000 less than it should have been. In the process of removing the compliance labels they were ripped (sticker type label) and had pieces missing so when the repairer insisted on attempting to refit them it was a disaster. AAMI don’t want anything to do with it and it is now in the hands of the ombudsman. Don’t get cheap car insurance thinking it’ll give you the same policy as the better companies, you get what you pay for I guess.

Don’t Bother! Landlord Insurance claim has been has been a nightmare with this company, they state they cover Malicious damage by bad tenants.. I had superglue put in my door locks, 5 months of unpaid rent, new kitchen bench tops vandalised with paint stripping chemicals, cook top smashed, holes in walls, a court order pending to evict the tenants, the list goes on.. AAMI claims they do not believe it to be Malicious damage? Couldn’t believe my ears when they tried to say the bench top would have been damaged when the tenants cleaned the bench tops.. What cleaning? The place was left in such a state I had to pay professionals $1000 to clean. This company is extremely rude and and I am certainly taking my 3 policies elsewhere. Goodbye and good riddance AAMI.

Terrible 2 years later, I am told door hinge problem due to lube. Door still doesn’t sit flush to drivers side which effects the petrol electronic primer within volks Wagon door electrics. Then I’m told at Preston assessment its a 2003 model car and they can’t get me a hire car again.. And they are somewhat surprised when you get upset.. Low grade company never again.

One of the few companies that actually pay claims

Just keep driving the prices up and keeping the value of my car down even though I could sell it for more than the value they are putting on it after years of having my insurance with you guys I’m taking my business elsewhere see ya later NRMA!

Appalling if you claim on your policy. I am currently taking them to the Financial Ombudsman as they have declined a claim based on lies and an incompetent insurance assessor. Never again will I insure with NRMA

I agree, they may not be the cheapest but they have been the best. Excellent customer service. They make is very easy to claim and they care about their clients.

Superannuation Warehouse has great advisers for financial service, especially for smsf. This is one of the best small business accountant and the most trustworthy financial planners.

Great company and great insurance rates.

SMSF Insurance at wholesale rates if you signup with SMSF Warehouse’s Code. It is compulsory for SMSF Trustees to consider insurance for every member. The insurance premiums can be paid directly from your SMSF.

There are many companies that are emerging in AU in insurance field and one of the unique is the that provide some valuable services to the Aussies in terms to make Aussies financial strong.

Definitely not Australian
Always have to speak with a South African person

After trying to get a quote on their web page I was stopped by 1 of their questions, after calling as they suggested I was answered by a person who asked for my phone number so he would get me a call back. The next day I recieved a call form South Africa trying very hard to sell me the quote I wasn’t given and after continuous requesting for a price I was shocked all their T.V. advertising about saving you money in my case was a lie they were twice as expensive as the previous quote I was given by another insurance company and $300 more expensive from a major prestige car insurer.

Don’t agree or believe your comment,

It’s so bad, the sales won’t stop calling and they gave me a extremely high price, and asked for my banking details just the first time I want to ask general enquires. Bad, and afraid not to have a service with them.

My wife smashed our navara total right off. They were excellent. Gave us a very fair price, quick payment no issues. Even the tow truck driver said “oh you have youi, you will be fine” I kind of figured he would know and he was right.

The Newcomers

The Contenders

A spin-off from former directors of NRMA. Did an online quote and was much cheaper for same insured value. Went to activate quote, then found I had to phone the company. I was then told that they would NOT insure my vehicle because it was modified, even though on the initial quote I stated it was modified and the modifications that had been done. Waste of time and effort.

Absolutely terrible when it comes to making a contents claim! Have just had to make a claim for a lost engagement ring with a valid valuation certificate. Suncorp is refusing to pay what the valuations states as their “Jeweller” (I use this term very very very loosely) said the ring retails at $12,500 but they can remake it for $7724. Don’t know how this works when the valuation certificate states the value of the ring is $9380. Am in the process of going through dispute resolution to get the full value of my ring. DO NOT INSURE YOUR JewELLERY WITH THEM! I am taking my insurance somewhere else.

Well I guess they are not just a bank cause they have insurance rates and they arent great but they arent bad –

Have had to make 2 car insurance claims in the last 3 months through no fault of my own. Claimed over the phone, fixed my car both times straight away with no hassles whatsoever and provided 2 weeks car hire in each case. Very happy with their service.

Totally useless, the staff have no idea what’s going on and the assessors think they are gods!
Moving company as we speak!

A company with a good vision to what to do next

Guess what its got some pretty good rates and now there’s people talking about it so it’s up there in the top ten –

I have also cancelled my road side assist, home and contents and car insurance with RACQ. We have been waiting over 3 months for our timber floors to do be replaced! We were told that a local builder could have had it all completed within 2 weeks but RACQ decided to go with a Gold Coast quote to do the job! we are in Central Queensland! The Gold Coast company prepared a quote site unseen and now they realise they’ve underquoted! Totally dissatisfied with they way I have been treated. Don’t have anything to do with RACQ!

I have just cancelled my policy with this insurer. They are not fair and just and did not pay out. Don’t join.

Worst ever! Doesn’t pay out. Please don’t join.

I have made 1 not @ fault claim with RACQ. They were quick to respond and get into the repairer. The only problem was the repairman took nearly 7 weeks to repair our car, and our car hire was only covered for 14 days. The rest come out of our pocket for the rental.
Besides that. So far so good!

Very easy to deal with and quick professional service.

I know that they are not heard of by many of you but its got some pretty good rates –

Please enter in India Market because in India Travel Insurance & Health Insurance good portfolio.

A bit doubtfull

HONESTLY THEY’RE JUST THE WORSE! Chubbs more like snubs! They have no remorse for their customers and for my precious little fish butternut! I will never ever be insured to this company again even if my life depended on it.

I honestly don’t know anyone who is insured with them but their rates arent bad so they’re on the top tens –

I would say RACV is worst insurance company, but I say they have a quite few very doggy individuals. I have had experience with a doddy assessor to assess my car, which was crushed by a third party when my car was stationary on a car park. I would think my luck was bad enough been hit by someone. However, I found my luck was even worse when dealt with the RACV assessor. He told me that the car damages were not caused by the crush “someone in middle night with bare feet damaged your car”. Can you believe that?

I have been insured with RACV for more than 15 years, and this is first time to make a claim. I am always proud of being a member of RACV when other friends made complains about their own insurers. Now I am in the same situation.

I thinks individuals damage the brand.

I have been a member for 10 years and I have 6 policies with RACV. After the tenants caused about $10000+ worth of damages to my rental property (landlord insurance) RACV rejected my whole claim saying it is all wear and tear. Customer service was disgusting and they took over 2 months to even make any contact with me. I would stay away from RACV. Their customer service is very very poor.

Specialists in business insurance. Business owners can access multiple quotes and expert business insurance advice from SMART Business Insurance. Good pricing and responsive service on public liability, professional indemnity and commercial property.

SMART Business Insurance is a specialist business insurance adviser based in Melbourne, bridging the gap between small local brokers, large multi national direct insurers, and insurer online websites.

Just got my renewal policy and it’s jumped up by $200 and you basically get stuff all from them, and there basic excess isn’t cheap either, looking for another Insurance atm but won’t be renewing with this mob again.

Very transparent company, if you read your annual renewal then you know exactly what you’re in for rather than all the hidden clauses with other for profit companies.

Don’t use RAC in Western Australia. Their policies are a disgrace. We have an awesome car that has had some relatively minor damage from a small accident, no structural damage, just a couple of damaged panels. The quote for the work is $600 more than the insurance amount (rip off panel beaters) but they wont let us pay the difference. We live in a somewhat remote place and finding a car is really tough, like a six month exercise. I encourage all people with RAC insurance WA to look for a different company. They are rude, unreasonable to deal with and are a bunch of parasites..

All Trades Cover was established with one aim, to provide competitive Insurance for all trades Australia wide regardless of their size. To do this we have partnered with Australia’s Largest insurer and come up with competitive products for:

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Tools of Trade Insurance

Personal Accident and Illness Cover

Public Liability Cover

General Property and Tools Cover

Home and Contents Insurance

We found many other insurers out there with hard to use online systems so we set about making life easy for our clients online, and also making sure we had other products the client would want like Home Insurance or Motor Vehicle Insurance. Also we wanted to have as many free services and information for our clients such as our Tips for Tradies section and our Sum Insured Calculators.

NEVER EVER insure through Apia Insurance. Although they have cheap insurance the biggest catch is when you go to claim for damage inside your home. They have their own repair team and employ the WORST trades ever. More damage and inexperience of trade will impact the repair to your home. A simple painting repair on our home due to a small water ceiling water mark cost us 6 months to fix. Four rounds of bad painting due to inexperienced painters, cracked plaster due to junior electrician forcibly pulling down lights, paint left on polished floors, paint splashed on walls and doors not to be re painted and painters who refused to comply with painting instructions from Apia. Amazing we ever got the job completed!

Great cover fast claim service

I found Bluewell on Facebook, after I saw them mentioned and decided to give them a call regarding home insurance, being in Ipswich region our insurance went through the roof, after the 2011 and 12 floods, despite not flooding at all, or even our street or area. Bluewell Insurance brokers found me the policy I required and saved me a total of $411 from my previous insurance provider. I actually went further and also got my public liability insurance for my business also organised with Bluewell insurance brokers.
Recommend – xeryus

Don’t bother! Lady at service desk was probably on her fb/ ig when I called, unhelpful and pretty useless, not a good reflection on the company.She screened me first to check if I was a customer the company felt worthy of having. obviously my business was not good enough for them!. If your home repair is less than a million dollars, they don’t want your business. you’re uninsured!

I have been with Grazer Wechselseitige for the past 10 years now! I absolutely love their services and food they provide. Definitely, recommend for people under the age of 16 looking for insurance to cover their teenage needs. Althought sometimes I questions their decision making skills.

I have just come to realise that SGIO actually have their call centre based in South Africa. I have tried to lodge a number of genuine home claims through Landlord Insurance and it took them approximately 3 weeks to get an answer back. They have no idea of the distance or places in Australia or the requirements for landlords that must respond to tenancy matters. They do stupid things like not read the quotes to see what the item actually was. Anyhow just to advise in case you did not know you must read every clause, I went into great detail a number of years over the phone about the policy and cover. You expect to have well informed and trusted information for such a policy. I didn’t read one small clause that if a motor has burnt out ‘fusion cover’ they won’t pay if it’s 15 years and over. My mistake for not reading, however, after being a loyal customer they tell me for 12 years with 4 policies and paying an amount of $40k plus over this time. I asked to speak to a Manager as I was . more

No customer service in Australia, slow to accept liability and poor communications and repair times.

Don’t bother insuring with Sgio.My car was writen off through no fault of my own and it was for agreed value of $2100 by the time my excess was taken out and a few other charges I ended up with $630.00. I had a hire car for onky 7 days despite being 14 days in the policy.When you make the first payment you except the contract that you pay out the full amount on the 12 months insurance despite not veing able to drive the car.disgusted

I have been with them for thirty years and recently made a claim for water damage, it was not serious but needed to be fixed. It was slight swelling on the plaster board join from water inside the wall cavity.
Their assessors claimed that the guttering and rainhead were not upto the latest Australian standards which may I say is not different from any other house that I asked to look at. It was due to the recent overwhelming down pour from the rain on the 19th of December. Nothing could have held back the volume of water. Very lame excuse I decided to terminate my policy with them.

Terrible don’t use them

Worst company ever take your money won’t help you they have ascesor that works for them and writes always to favour insurance agency obviously on a bonus system so you don’t stand a chance. We payed for a plumber to come in and he says our roof is to compliance as there accessor says it’s not it’s a modern house of coarse it’s to compliance they would not even listen to our didn’t ask for the heavy rain storm I am in the process of finding a new insurance company I would never use comminsure again they are total crap

Fantastic service, knowledgeable and got me a great deal for my tradie insurance

Recommned these guys for those starting out in SMSF. My biggest consideration was choosing a company that was owner operated. After years of working in financial services I know what it’s like being shifted from rep to rep. These guys know there stuff and have been extremly helpful

BizCover is Australia s leading online business insurance service. They provide Australian Small businesses with a faster, simpler insurance experience, by allowing them to compare and buy the right cover at the right price from some of Australia s leading insurance companies.

I must say they are providing the best landlord insurance in Australia. They are pretty quick and efficient in providing customer service.



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