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Jun 26 2020

Travel medical insurance international # Video

Travel medical insurance international

Travel medical insurance international


Travel Health Insurance – For Outside USA

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  • Coverage dates specified may be too long, most plans allow a maximum of 12 months initially.
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  • Not all the plans are available in all the places, or for all ages.

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Video Overview

  • There is no paperwork or medical exam required.
  • Travel insurance plans are not Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant.
  • While name and date of birth are required in all travel insurance plans, passport number is optional in some of them.
  • Travel coverage can start as early as the next day or any future date you specify.
  • Most plans have pre-existing conditions exclusions. Make sure to read the certificate wording carefully.

Travel Health Insurance

Travel health insurance primarily provides medical coverage while traveling outside your home country as your domestic health insurance may provide limited or no coverage away from home.

What does travel health insurance include?

Travel health insurance may be comprised of various benefits, some of these standard benefits may include:

Emergency Medical Expenses

If you were to become injured or sick while on a trip, this benefit would pay for the eligible expenses. Many domestic health insurance companies provide limited or no coverage outside the U.S. and/or are subject to higher deductibles, higher coinsurance and higher out of pocket maximums.

Trip Interruption

This benefit helps you with the additional expenses incurred in making necessary arrangements to return home earlier than planned due to covered reasons; such as your house fire or death of a close relative.

Emergency Medical Evacuation / Repatriation

It would make arrangements for necessary transportation to the closest medical facility where adequate care be given if you were to become injured or seriously sick while on your trip. Once you are stable enough to travel, it may also pay for you to return to your home country.

Return of Mortal Remains

In the unfortunate event of your death while on your trip, it can pay for local cremation or transportation of mortal remains to your home country.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

In case of death in an accident or the loss of one or more limbs, this benefit would provide a lump sum benefit.

Ancillary Benefits

Several plans provide additional benefits such as ID theft assistance, terrorism, natural disaster relief, return of minor children, etc. These benefits may vary among insurance plans.

Medicare provides no coverage outside the U.S.
Your domestic insurance may not provide adequate coverage in a foreign country.

Don’t get caught without travel medical insurance, get free quotes today!

Travel Health Insurance

Depending on what is most important for you to have covered, there may be a plan better tailored to your needs:

Trip Cancellation Insurance

Trip cancellation insurance plans are package plans that provide coverage for prepaid non-refundable trip costs in case you need to cancel your trip for covered reasons. While on a trip, it may also provide benefits such as emergency medical expenses, trip interruption, baggage and many other benefits.

Schengen Travel Insurance

U.S. citizens visiting Schengen countries in Europe for over 90 days as well as most non-U.S. citizens are required to carry Schengen travel insurance that provides medical coverage, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains. Necessary visa letter is available online soon after the purchase for proof of coverage at the consulate during visa appointment.

Group Travel Insurance

For groups of 5 or more travelers that are traveling together with the same travel dates, group travel insurance plans provide the same coverage but they are usually 10% cheaper. A single application can be completed for the entire group.

Annual Multi-Trip Insurance

Busy business executives that take multiple international trips through the year can purchase annual multi-trip insurance plans. It is a flat annual fee and any number of trips are covered as long as each trip duration does not exceed the maximum duration that varies by the plan.

Insurance Guide

Our insurance guide makes it very easy to navigate the complexities of travel insurance.

Did you know?

Prices are regulated by law.

You cannot find a lower price anywhere for the same product.

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Visiting USA?

Healthcare costs are very high in the U.S.

Buy U.S. based visitors insurance and enjoy your trip.

Traveling abroad?

Did you know that your insurance may not cover you abroad or that it may only provide limited coverage?

Purchase travel medical insurance that includes emergency medical evacuation.

New immigrant to USA?

You are not eligible to enroll in Medicare for the first 5 years.

Purchase new immigrant medical insurance to bridge the gap.

Going on a vacation?

You could lose your non-refundable trip costs if you had to cancel your trip.

Buy a trip cancellation insurance package plan and be worry-free.

Are you an exchange visitor to USA?

The U.S. Department of State requires all J visa holders to purchase compliant insurance.

Buy J visa medical insurance to meet your requirements.

Traveling to Europe?

Schengen countries require most non-US citizens to purchase Schengen visa insurance.

Make an instant purchase online and get instant visa letter.

Traveling frequently throughout the year?

You don’t need to purchase travel insurance for every trip.

Purchase annual multi trip travel insurance for your travels.

International student in the U.S.?

Most schools require international students to purchase health insurance.

Purchase international student health insurance that meets most school requirements.


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