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Jun 30 2020

Travelers insurance group and Video

Travelers insurance group

Travelers insurance group


Travelers Auto Insurance

Travelers Insurance sells protection for your car, boat, property and more. Travelers is not a verified InsuraMatch carrier yet. You can call InsuraMatch for free auto insurance quotes from several different providers. *ConsumerAffairs insurance program, powered by InsuraMatch.


Many reviewers have been with Progressive for more than 10 years.


  • Offers hybrid/electric vehicle discount and new car discount
  • Features Affinity Program to employees or members of participating organizations
  • Established financial strength
  • Accident forgiveness includes one accident and one minor violation
  • Decreasing deductibles


  • Premiums can be slightly higher than competitors
  • Services limited to 42 states

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310 Travelers Auto Insurance Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Travelers will rip you off if you choose to pay in monthly installments. These people will add another 5.00 to your payments. They make promises they cannot keep. Also they increase well above market value and rip off their long time loyal customers.

I am not insured by Travelers, but have been trying to recoup out-of-pocket expenses from an accident caused by their insured driver. The “claim handler” I have been assigned to has purposely ignored me, repeatedly, and has refused to do anything with my claim. Worse, she seems to have a basic lack of knowledge about what subrogation entails. It’s astounding that she could remain employed and be so inept.

Here is what happened. A new driver insured by Travelers drove into my car. The liability was clearly on her side, and my no-fault collision insurance covered the (extensive) bodywork minus my deductible. My insurance company will subrogate Travelers for both the repairs and the deductible. So I will get my deductible, I am sure. However, I am not covered for the rental car I had to hire while my car was in the shop (for more than a week), and my insurance won’t help me recoup that cost from Travelers.

The “handler” at Travelers will not act on my claim — I established my own claim because the driver had not reported the accident to her insurer — because she says it all has to be “a submitted to subrogation in the same file” as the rest of the costs. In other words, she seems to think that my insurance is handling this, even though I told her multiple times that it is not. I tell her that the car rental is not part of the subrogation. I emphasize that it is a simple reimbursement to me, not to my insurance company, because my insurance does not cover car rental. She ignores me. Or maybe she does not comprehend because it’s too complicated for her. Either way, I may never see my money. Unethical, dishonest, inept.

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I met an accident in October 2018 at Columbus, Ohio. It took them 3 months to reimburse my claim for a rental vehicle and damage for my car. Very unprofessional, manipulative agents work in their claim department who gave me a very hard time to pay the money back for an accident which was not even my fault. Won’t recommend it to anyone.

I added a driver. It should have raised my premium by $200.00, but it raised them by over $500.00. When I questioned it the agent acted like I was stupid for not understanding why $200.00 + $200.00 does not equal over $700.00. There is not an ounce of honesty in this company. Don’t even consider doing business with them! You will regret it.

This company discriminates against deaf people and always denies claims when they know the person is unable to communicate with them because of a disability. At every turn they will try to get out of paying claims they know they should. They should be boycotted.

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On Jan. 16, 2019, I was in a car accident, I was traveling southbound in the right lane. I was struck by a sand truck by a vehicle making a u-turn directed by a NYC flagger from the northbound lane which caused damage to my car (1,659.35). Travelers Ins. Offered me 10%. They need to pay this bill in full.

My Dad just turned 80 years old and for his birthday he got a bill for $3200 from Travelers. No accidents except for one drunk that hit him in the rear while stopped at a traffic light and no speeding tickets. He drives a 2015 Spark worth about 12k or so. His coverage is minimal with a $1000 deductible yet his insurance is 3200. This should be criminal.

I left Travelers back in November because they raised my premium again with no notification and found out only after the money had come out of my account. The day my new policy would have started I called to switch and they said as long as I did it that day I shouldn’t have a charge. I went ahead and switched to Geico and later was billed for a bogus $50 charge I was never communicated of when I asked about leaving them. It seemed so unfair and dirty to charge something like that for leaving them so after trying to fight the fee and getting turned down I didn’t pay it.

Now it’s a couple months later and they sent me to collections so I bit my tongue and paid. During the couple years I was with them I always received terrible customer care and they never sent communications out to me. Every time my insurance went up I never got a new quote and once I sent them my driving record to prove it was clean and they still raised my premium. If you like surprises and to be screwed over then this company is for you.

I was in an auto accident with a Travelers insured and Travelers accepted full responsibility for the accident. I submitted the estimates to Travelers in the amount of 1832.01. At no time was I called or notified they changed the amount of the estimate. I was mailed a check for 600.00 less than the estimate. I had to call the claims agent to find out why. I was told the shop and claim agent talked and lowered the estimate. Now I can’t even get my car repaired without spending 600.00 out of my pocket for an accident that Travelers took responsibility for.

They did not process my payments properly and refused to change it even though the agent called and explained. I have never in 65 years been treated so bad by a company. It was obviously all about them. I advise against anyone using Travelers Insurance.

We were given an auto quote with all of our information filled out (including a listing of recent accidents). Called back a few more times to make adjustments to the quote, gave it a few weeks to think over, and then called again to pay for the plan. Then, was told that we’re not eligible. After talking to multiple people on several occasions. They pulled the rug out from under us and didn’t honor the quote they gave us. Talked to a manager and was told that “our quotes works for 19 out of 20 people”. What? They should care about providing excellent service for everyone. Extremely disappointing, unprofessional service. Unlike any other auto insurance I have contacted. Cannot believe the level of deception, rudeness, and disrespect that we encountered. Left comments and messages on their Facebook page, and they ignored them. Don’t understand they’re still in business.

My experience with Travelers Insurance has been outstanding. I have made a couple of claims and Travelers has always come through with me. They have always been there when I needed assistance or even when I contact them about my policy.

Travelers has great customer service and is available for most of the evening hours to talk to customer service representatives. Most of the representatives are cheerful and helpful and will answer all of your questions. A minor problem is that they are not available to answer basic customer questions late at night. They are also a little pricey, but most insurance companies are. The area I live in doesn’t have much choice in insurance companies and they are the best coverage for the price, even with this price tag.

I canceled my policy with my Travelers agent two weeks before the expiration date. I am told by Travelers that I am being billed because the agent did not cancel the policy and waited for it to expire for nonpayment. I did not agree to a renewing contract. The agent, Insurance Agencies of Ohio in Worthington, OH tells me my new insurance agent did not send them cancellation forms. This is nonsense. I canceled the policy well in advance. And Travelers, who sends the bills, tells me they can’t fix it. The agent has to.

My family used to love this insurance company, as it was a great price for the coverage we got. However we recently noticed that they had been raising our premium up by $20 for the past couple of years. When we contacted them about it, we were given the runaround for days before we finally were able to talk to someone who knew why this was happening – and the reasoning was because our area has a high amount of accidents. It does not matter that we have not had an accident ourselves or even so much as a ticket, and we get no benefit for being good drivers.

I am a Travelers customer. I have auto and homeowners insurance through them. I was in an accident May 24, 2018. It was not my fault. I got rear ended by a girl that just got her driver’s license and was texting and driving. I contacted my insurance company the same day and told them what happened. Sent in the police report. They stated that they have not heard from the other driver’s insurance and would contact me when they did. I was also informed that until they heard from the other insurance company if I wanted my car fixed I would have to pay the deductible myself. So I waited almost a month to get my car fixed when they were able to get a hold of the other insurance company. The other insurance company MetLife took responsibility and sent me a $500 deductible check. I was then told to let Travelers know where I was sending the car for repairs. I did so and it went from there.

Got my car fixed. Had a really bad experience with the rental company. And then I received my renewal policy two weeks ago. My insurance went up almost $500. I called Travelers and spoke to a lady that told me I had to pay for the increase because Travelers has not gotten their Money back from the other insurance company. She said that they had to make sure they got some of their money back one way or another. I told her that I pay for insurance for this specific reason. She then told me that I had to contact someone else for that matter. After calling and leaving messages for 7 different people I still have not received a call back from 4 of them and still don’t have a resolution. After all said and done I spoken seven people and no one could give me an answer.

Then on October 13th 2018 I received a check from Travelers for $500 stating that the deductible was paid in full. I called on Monday, October 15, 2018 and requested to hear back from my claims representative which was Ross, have not heard back from him since. I called and left a message for his manager and still have not Gotten a return phone call. I called her again this morning 10/17/ 2018 and called her from my cell phone she did not answer. Then I called her from my work phone and she answered right away. I asked her about the check. She states that they accidentally sent me $500 check by mistake and they have put a stop payment on it.

She then goes and tells me that she received a check from the other insurance company but are waiting for $300 and some odd dollars more. So then I asked her if they were going to take the increase off of my insurance and she said that I had to be contacted by somebody else. Have not heard back from them. This company is only worried about their money and not about their customers, they don’t return phone calls and they have poor customer service. I will be finding another insurance company as well as another homeowners insurance company. When you get in an accident your insurance company is supposed to be there for you not for themselves. Worst insurance company out there.


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